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A Tribute to My Wife

(By Sebastian Luczywo via Boredpanda)

On 29 August, my wife Agnieszka celebrated her 38 birthday. The previous day I took some time to go over the photos which we did together since 2011, a year when capturing the beauty of the surrounding world through the lenses of my camera became my passion. And I was truly overwhelmed by the amount of the photographs in which she plays the main role!

For all these years she has been not only my wife, but also a very faithful companion on most of my photographic escapades. She has never refused when I needed her to wake up at early dawn to catch the light filtering through the rising fog, she has always bravely agreed to put on whatever I needed her to wear in order to achieve the project I had in my mind (and I have to admit the clothing was very often inadequate to the weather), she has never complained of the cold, of being tired or bored, of having basically enough of it all.

She has always been the patience incarnate, my perfect and only female model, my ongoing inspiration. And it has to be said that thanks to my dearest wife many of these captures have been acclaimed as my best ones and are known all over the world. The photographs that I am now sharing with you are but a tiny fraction of a huge portfolio which I will treasure for ever.

Aga, I can’t thank you enough…

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