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Traditional wedding for a Chinese man and his gorgeous Ukrainian bride

(Shanghaiist) Photos from a traditional marriage ceremony that took place recently in Jieshou city, Anhui province have caught the attention of the Chinese internet thanks to the non-traditional nationality of the bride-to-be.

The groom, 28-year-old Gao Tianyu, is an Anhui-native who moved to the Ukraine to study after graduating from high school. When he was done with school there, he stayed on to begin a business, NetEase reports.

On the streets of Kiev, one day four years ago, Gao spotted a local girl that made his heart skip a beat. He summoned up all his courage and started a conversation with her. Now, that girl has become his bride, a 22-year-old identified as "Alina."

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For four years, the couple had worked and lived together in the Ukraine. However, Gao was constantly homesick. This year, he and Alina finally decided to travel back to China to get married. They also decided to stay there afterward to begin their new life together.

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The pair even opted for a very traditional Chinese wedding ceremony. You can check out some pictures below:

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