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Insurance to ensure Love?

(CRIEnglish) Known as "Single's Day" in China, the November 11th online buying frenzy falls at the end of this week, with gifts for lovers and partners making up the bulk of purchases.
According to, however, this year there's a rise in popularity for "love insurance".

One undergraduate surnamed Ning splashed out on love insurance for him and his girlfriend. In the policy it says that they will get a cash pay-out or roses, so long as they get married between 3 to 13 years after the insurance comes into force.

"We started our love relationship around Single's Day last year, and it's been almost a year now. We are going to graduate next year. I bought love insurance for 299 yuan (44 USD) for my girlfriend in the hope that our love will last a long time." said Ning.
He also said that as long as he and his girlfriend get married within the time period the insurance company will give them a half-carat diamond. reported that there are particularly good deals for college students compared with other people.

"The 99 yuan (15 USD) love policy awards the insured 1,999 yuan (295 USD) cash as long as they get married between 3 to 13 years after the start of the insurance policy." explained a staff member from an insurance company. According to a love insurance policy from another company, the insured will get 10,000 roses.
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