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From 臼 to 稻 and 蹈?

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臼(jiu) is mortar and the Chinese character looks exactly like a real stone mortar with which you can smash garlic into pieces!

稻(dao)is rice or rice-plant. What is the top part of 舀(yao)?  Experts say it is big ladle with which you get rice-grain from the mortar!  -------Maybe!  But I think it is more likely the pestle with which you strike the rice-fruits in the mortar to husk rice! ---------Only in this way, the following explaining would sound reasonable!:

蹈 (dao) --------Dance with feet!The first part of 蹈 is 足,the last character looks like one person is walking with the right foot overtaking the left one! (口 is mouth that represents ‘a man’.)--------So 足 is ‘foot’ in Chinese. --------Then it is easy to understand 蹈!--------------Your feet act as 'pestle’ striking 'mortar' when you are husking rice! ---------That repeating action seems like dance that should  not go with too much strength!

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So fun and interesting!

I have heard that Chinese literature sometimes includes visual puns.  Is that true?
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