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What could you see through the character 向?

Many Chinese characters are vivid hieroglyphic words. 向 is one of them:
向 means ‘direction’. Why?
Look! 向 shapes like a wall with a window in it,  and on the top of the wall (or house)you can see smoke rising that goes tilt into the air from the chimney!----------When I was child, villagers burnt firewood for cooking and sometimes they judged the wind-direction with the help of smoke from the stove!

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So happy to see this thread has been shared by one blogger_friend. It is funny to do some research work on Chinese traditional culture! The more you study, the more interesting you will feel about China!

Thanks for your reading and enjoyment!

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I have written many writings on some special characters with funny components, such as 东 西 南 北 酒 张 飞 墙  拜 臼 气 吃 and so on!
You can get the related stories if you have more patience on visiting my blog space!
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