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How to define the middle class?

Now more and more reserach organizations would define a group of people as middle class as long as they could earn an amount of income. But some others refute that definition and insist it's more like a political notion. So in you eyes, do you belong to the middle class of your society? and what's your definition?

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Carole66 Post time 2016-10-24 23:01:11

Not me:(

spiderman006 Post time 2016-10-25 17:01:26

hard to define that in China as we only have money in the bank of state owned. :lol

St_George Post time 2016-11-6 18:17:37

The easiest way to define middle-class is by income. By this measure, you're middle-class in Britain if you own your home and your household income is about £50.000 per year.

manojitpal Post time 2016-11-7 23:52:15

In my opinion a person or his family can be define as middle class, if family earn a modest income to lead a decent life. If his monthly income is fulfill basic needs of family like kids education expenses, health care cost, monthly family expenditure. If the family have own home or can afford a medium price car its nice..they are upper middle class maybe. This definition of middle class depend lots on the society he is living..a middle class family family from UK, China or Canada can be lead life of rich people in developing country. Similarly a middle class family from India will struggle to lead a decent life in developed country like China or US.

foreignchinese Post time 2016-11-8 06:58:41

I am both middle and upper class. Sometimes I have meals fit for a king. Sometimes I have left over food for meals. My cook decides my status.
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