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What is the relationship between master and apprentice?

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In Chinese traditional society, Tom had to work as apprentice before he latter become a master on his career! --------(学徒三年方为师!)-------------My father also lessoned me in this way: "万事无门不可如" ------------You must find out  some rule-like thing as the gate to enter your occupation!

Father had helped grandfather to run a small grocery in the Harbin city in 1950s who had deep feeling about the difficulty of the management. He said:"Many successful merchants began their business as apprentice for a long time who first had careful watching on how other people do the job.”

My second elder brother had been a butcher for twenty years.  It was easy for him to learn how to shave hair from pig in hot water with a special curved knife. ---------The white pig-skin along with its inside flesh is enjoyable pork for customers!

Soon the government asked them to peel all pigs to offer the raw materials for the developing leather industry! --------In our county his master was one of the few men who had the skill.  However the ‘teacher’ was a bit mean who always did the skilled work all by himself without other people beside!

One night in a cold winter the electricity went out while the master was do killing.  He had to ask my brother for help to hold the torch in which light he could do the fine job of peeling from the animal.  This was the God-given chance for brother to learn how to correctly move knife between  the thin skin and the real flesh without any hurting to the former!  ----------Up to now, my brother is still thankful to his teacher although it was so hard to grasp the technique!--------since he has made a good fortune from the technology!

教会徒弟,饿死师傅. --------The master would go hungry to death if he (or she)has taught all the knowledge to the apprentice! ----------This is an ugly old saying in China!

Dear reader-friends, how do you think about this phenomenon that might also exist in your society!

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I struck the topic from my self-comment on the last thread, now the flowing is the copy of that text:

"要想会,跟师傅睡.---------------If you really want to grasp some skill, just sleep with the master! ----------This old saying reveal the secret that your wife is the best teacher for your Chinese if you serve her carefully!

(Half in kidding! ) "

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As vocational teacher, I must have deep theory from university and try to teach it in simple oral language to the ‘backward’-students (since the good students have gone to the ordinary senior high school.)
At the same time, I am asked to have practical skill like those masters in factories.
Certainly I have had deep observation about the topic.  
When in the college, most of the professors taught me book-knowledge and on practice I learned more pen-point-technology rather than handcraft-skill.  I saw the teachers operating machine on the blackboard and tell you how to repair Tv-set without any real things!
It had been failure for the first three months when I copied the professor‘s teaching method because my lecture was too advanced for the ‘stupid’ pupils! ----------I had to translated the deep theory into oral words that aroused great interest in class.

On professional skill learning, those factory-masters really taught me a lot, sometimes I feel sorry for the university-teachers since book-knowledge is quite shallow when you do real work in production!

So my years of experience tells me: “A good teacher or master should teach his (or her ) pupil in simple language with practical things even dealing with theory! ---------All book-knowledge is not as mysterious as it looks like. Most of Chinese textbooks make the simple things into complicated ones that has formed heavy burden for the poor children!

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Don't make it too complicated: the relationship between a "master" and an "apprentice" is very sim ...

Thanks for your constructive comment!

Here I also refer apprentice to student while master to teacher!
The reason is the following:
Teachers should  teach pupils not only piles of formulas but also the basic living ability that is how to teach themselves books! --------In this sense teacher is great master since self-teaching means a lot for Tom‘s whole life‘s success!

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Don't make it too complicated: the relationship between a "master" and an "apprentice" is very sim ...

About "he cannot learn theory from his master" ---------???
I think your saying is not fit for all cases! ---------Twenty years ago, I met with Mr. Feng in that factory where all the staff respected him as master or grand-master since he knew a lot about motors.  Our school principle  invited him to make a lecture on how to repair the machines which left me deep impression! --------I thought his theory is deeper than some of university-teachers since he had more vivid practical experience!

If you visit Smith‘s workshop, you would admire his fine handcraft-skill and his accurate calculation on maths. Teachers can benifit a lot if they take Smith as model who would teach the abstract number and formulas with concrete shapes!

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one day master . father entire life ..
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