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The story behind the character 张

Just now a new friend messaged to me:"Hello, I am very interesting in the meaning of your avatar. Will you let me know?”

His enjoyment let me so excited that I would like write new blog to answer his question with my small cellphone.

My  present avatar comes from the Chinese character 张.  It is said each of Chinese words is a painting of landscape.The left part of the avatar looks like a beautiful bow with two small curved ends for you to tie the bowstring  symboled with the red vertical stroke in the middle.  The first part of 张 is "弓(gong)" that is  “bow”  which shape seems like a half_circle thing.   

The bowstring and the arrow reminds me the idiom 箭在弦上_(The arrow is already on the bowstring that is going to take off! ).

__That can also explain the original meaning of 长(chang) which means “long”.   _The arrow will leave the string for a "long" distance trip.  Sometimes 长(zhang) means "grow". Your crop- plants grow as fast as arrow flying away from the string.

张 is my family name and her perfect figure has unique Chinese colour that is wonderful to represent me!
I wish I carefully choose each word as bullet that can hit the target as arrow!__Never say waste words!

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The other day on the banquet in that restaurant, I introduced my blog-space to my colleague who teaches Chinese language and to my a bit surprise that he could not recognize my avatar as 张 for minutes! ~~

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In the avatar, the right part ‘arrow’ seems like the number axis on mathematics but its direction is  opposite to the western one!
This bullet-like thing can offer you unlimited imagination as it flies far away!

I have taught maths and physics for many years and quite sensitive to the direction symbol!

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Most Chinese know 弓 is ‘bow’ but it is hard us to  connect the word-structure to its original-object-shape! ----------specially it is strange to say that 长 has bow-string and an arrow if without its partner 弓 standing beside!  

So the character 张 is a perfect picture of shooting game for hunting or fighting in war!  I got the funny explainnation one year ago. It was because I had posted many articles on similar special characters before and many foreign friends showed great interest on such topic. So since then I have paid more attention to the common used characters and study how they were invented by our ancestors! --------------If all Chinese characters were taught in this way with nice dictionaries, all  children would be attracted by our traditional culture!

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In China 张 is the third most common-used surnames. Where are those surnames come from? It is said some surnames were given by emperors. Such as 司马 whose job was to take care the royal horses.  Our ancestor was good at making archery and was named 张 as surname. But the invention of the word is quite interesting!
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