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Mother Will Never Leave Her Children

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This dog lived here, in Krasnoyarsk slams, and here she gave birth to five puppies. Once she was looking for food and was run into by a car. Her spine was broken and she could not walk. When local summer residents saw her creeping on her fore feet to the puppies they cried... Udacha (that's how she was named later, it means"luck") didn't leave her puppies, was licking and feeding them though she could hardly move herself...
People brought her food but nobody dared to take Udacha homewith 5 puppies.Someone called to a volunteer centre and volunteers came to the village.
When she was found she was already very malnourished and thin. Hardly she'd live much longer. Udacha was operated on for money donated by not indifferent people.
As soon as she came to consciousness she started to worry and seek for her puppies. But when they were brought to her she immediately cheered up.
Now one young Krasnoyarsk citizen took Udacha home for sometime. She lives in a bath house next to his house. It's still unknown if she'll be able to walk. Some people agreed to take Udacha's puppies home.

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