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A poem for the festival

During the five days of the Mid-Autumn Festival, I had funny games with my colleagues on the We-Chat.  I offered them ‘red envelope’ as gift for the celebration and one of them showed me two pieces of laughing pictures that touched my poetic sense that if I had!
(Be to continued)

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笑似银, 乐为金;
安本分, 顺亦达!
What do I mean?
Laughing looks like silver since your white teeth can remind me the shining metal of silver, but the real happiness from the heart would be more valuable that seems like gold!
One person should always feel comfortable with his or her duty and try to do well on the career, that kind of fairy-like smooth-mind is the top living-state that you have been pursued!

The above is my main idea that I want to say. Now let me explain it word to word:

笑(xiao) means “laughing” that looks like a real smiling face with eyebrows and eyes on its top!----------You would see a sweet face when you draw a circle around the character!
似(shi) is ‘seem’;   
乐(le) --------"happiness‘ --------The shape of the character looks 小(child)with a widely-opening smiling-mouth! ------------Kids' laughing is the most happiest expression in the world  that is so pure since it comes from the heart and you could feel that the child is on the top of the Earth!
安 (an)------usually it means 'safe or safety", but here it should be “feel comfortable”.
本分---------someone‘s own business or duty.
顺(shun)---------川 looks like 'River' with 'two banks' and ‘stream’ in the middle!  The right part of 顺 is 页 (ye)that means 'page'.------------ People think human‘s life looks life a book! -------Some of its pages may go as smooth as river runs to the sea while other pages possibly like as troublesome as 火(huo) "fire'--------So 烦 means 'upset”!

达(da ) --------get your destination! -----------

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People think human‘s life looks life a book!
..............................  looks like a book!  ---银(YIN)___silver.
-----For correction.

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Where is my first long comment?

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为 (WEI) means "is.
亦(YI) means “also is”  or "is".

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Different people have different understanding to the same poem although it is composed by mere 12 characters! ---------Maybe hundreds of English words can not tell out the whole story! ------------Just for this reason, we Chinese are proud of mother-language that is more powerful than any other foreign ones! --------Now I don't take it as advantage at all! -------------Sometime I feel that some texts can not offer students clear meaning even mislead the children for a long time, specially in science books. That is a pity for the cause of our education!

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1) This whole article reflects one Chinese idiom 安居乐业--------To take your own business as home and do it well for (or as) pleasure!

2)On the one of my colleagues joked on me in this way:你是诗(湿)人!  You are poet (wet man)!  ---------Who means I am false poet!  ----------诗 pronounces as same as 湿! :Q:lol
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