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What US Economic Spies doing in China

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US send out of economic Spies in China so they try to find out all the business entities and what they doing.

The purpose is to either gather the information so rthat US can sanction certain China businesses if they go against US interests

Or the information they got so US government can lodge WTO sue against Chinese business.

recent example, US targeting a Chinese local business that supposedly transporting materials that help North Korea nuclear program.

US cannot find out this through internet, or research.

It has to have agents that actually travel to China North Korea border to find out .

CHina should be very careful to give Visa to American White Caucasian Male , those are predominantly work  in that field.
alot of them serve as Economic Spies to Spy China,.

European are better , less sneaky.   Be very careful about American Caucasian Male coming to China  regardless of their supposedly background on paper. China shouldn't let American Chamber of Commerce setup office at Beijing.  They are the main lead of  ring of the economic Spies in China.

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A Chinese business was sued for copyright breach the court case was successful. Australian businesses need to,protect their intellectual property rights from the Chinese criminals  

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China send out of economic Spies in USA so they try to find out all the business entities and what they doing.

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The cat and mouse game

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what Chinese company are you referring too..?

Which one do you want I know of two

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