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Handicapped couple proves love conquers all

Some people say that true love knows no bounds, and that appearance should never be an obstacle. Yuan Wanyu and Dong Zhijun, a couple of six years in northeastern China’s Anshan, Liaoning province, have done a great deal to prove that maxim right.
Dong Zhijun, 29, was born with congenital rachitis, which hampered the development of his limbs as he grew up. As an adult, he never grew taller than 80 centimeters. He spent the majority of his childhood and teenage years in bed, though he is now able to walk with crutches.

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After Dong's father died in 2003, and his mother's health began deteriorating, he realized that he would have to learn to take care of himself. His sister bought him a secondhand computer, on which he taught himself to type and use the Internet. Eventually, he managed to establish four websites. He has also worked as a broadcaster on a livesteam platform, where he has 150,000 followers.
Despite his condition, Dong has always been very optimistic. He has now purchased a house, and he believes that as long as he is alive, it's his responsibility to keep improving his own life.

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In 2009, Yuan Wanyu, a girl from southern China’s Guangdong province, met Dong via an online job marketplace for handicapped people. Yuan was severely burned when she was just 1 year old. The burns caused her to lose all the fingers on her left hand as well as her nose. Since her family is poor, she wasn't able to go to college, and her modest dream to find an ordinary job was constantly thwarted after interviewers glimpsed her physical appearance.
Within one year of online communication with Dong, Yuan moved to Anshan to be with him. The two lead a simple life; apart from working on Dong's online store, they mostly stay at home, cooking for themselves and watching TV together. Dong even enjoys doing housework since it allows him to lessen the load for his beloved. For her part, Yuan is always happy to help Dong clean or go down the stairs, or to take him out for a walk in his wheelchair.

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Good for them

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Wonderful couple

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Great to see great things happen to great people in China. A handicap of any kind can be over come with great friends. Have seen many great things done by Chinese people thoughout my time in China.
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