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Do you think cheating in marriage should be illegal?

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Chinese actor Wang Baoqiang announced he was getting a divorce on Sina Weibo on Sunday, accusing his wife of having an affair with his agent, which has sparked heated discussions online. Most netizens sympathized with Wang and denounced and even cursed his wife for being unfailthful. Cheating in marriage is not rare in China, especially in the entertainment circle. Most people believe that cheating on your spouse is an immoral act. Yet, they would not agree that it should be illegal. Should cheating on your spouse be illegal? If not, should there be a penalty for it as well?

Swifty55 Post time 2016-8-17 10:43:40

If you are married it should be for love of one another. If you cheat then to me you never had the love to even be married in the first place. Man or woman, who ever cheated should have to support the other for life after they divorce. That would keep the cheating in check.

truthbetold1 Post time 2016-8-17 12:34:28

It should never be made illegal because the foundation of marriage for people are different.
Example marry for:
- Love
- Money
- because of pressure
- for security
- for lust
- for the sake of marrying

dusty1 Post time 2016-8-23 10:08:09

I thought it was

St_George Post time 2016-9-3 07:04:08

I was surprised to find that adultery is still illegal in 21 states of the USA. It was also illegal in South Korea until only last year.

It's the kind of thing I'd expect to find in all Islamic states with harsh punishment. Not liberal democracies.

Adultery is not illegal anywhere in the UK but it can have legal consequences in divorce proceedings.

St_George Post time 2016-9-3 07:06:06

Whether or not it's immoral is an individual judgment.
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