Vergil_Chao Post time 2016-8-5 22:55:23

Is "什么鬼?" the translation of "What the hell?"

I think it's funny,hahha.

linxiao2009 Post time 2016-8-15 23:15:55

i havent use that word in my life... you could use it when you feel shocked and wnat to know whats happaning or feel shocked by something strange you dont know

ngajia Post time 2016-8-15 23:36:42

That's an expression of exasperation. Different languages express frustrations differently. A word for word translation often gets things wrong.Google has it as 搞什么鬼

Dracarys Post time 2016-8-20 17:15:54

what the hell?

SEARU Post time 2016-8-21 12:02:59

What god is it?

Tsaokuohua Post time 2016-10-4 19:10:41

Should the meaning as same as “人小鬼大”的“鬼”,not is the hell.
“鬼”seems there is the mean of  skill and ability ,etc.

Tsaokuohua Post time 2016-10-4 19:18:24

A saying words. "鬼" = God .
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