Regenzia Post time 2016-7-10 07:17:12

Hello I want to make friends in China

Hello China!
I leave in California and want to make friends in China! Want to know more about China and Chinese.:P

daisiqin Post time 2016-7-13 11:17:12

Are you interested in chinese language?

Fred.Hui Post time 2016-7-14 16:04:09

Welcome! I will wait you  back, come on guy!

parcher Post time 2016-7-14 16:22:07

theres a guy called dick who teaches English in beijing

JuliusWang Post time 2016-7-18 09:40:48

so many friends all round you.:handshake

Carrie377 Post time 2016-8-4 16:20:56

what u want to know about China

guofeng012 Post time 2016-8-11 14:43:56

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