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It's the Year 2050 - China Announces Success in First High Quality Jet Engine!

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China becomes filled with pride over the news, collectively giving the West the finger.

And then one day later, the West announces the successful mass production of the world's first anti-gravity engine that will be in every flying vehicle manufactured from the next month.  One month later, every fighter jet, passenger plane, helicopter, and so forth that is manufactured will use the new anti-gravity engine.

The engine's energy use will be ten times more efficient and cheaper than jet-fuel engine, and will create zero pollution.  The energy source will also be completely sustainable.

The engine will be very versatile, allowing hovering ability, quick acceleration and deceleration, and zero noise and air disturbance.

China, after hearing of the news, goes into collective panic.  They cumulatively spent twenty trillion dollars on IP theft from the West to finally create jet engines able to power all their planes, and just when they arrive at success, the technology has already become obsolete.  

This is pretty much the pattern that plays out regarding all of China's technology.

Maybe one day, China will come to appreciate the Western freedom and democracy that nurtures innovation, discovery, and ingenuity.  :handshake

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China is so happy they finally can manufacture a rudimentary version of a 28 nm chip, even though West has made yet another leap towards the 10 nm processor chip.
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