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West Launches New Passenger Plane: Comac ARJ21

The ARJ21 is partially based on the McDonnell Douglas MD-80, which was license produced in China using tooling imported from the United States. The ARJ21 has the same cabin cross-section, nose, and tail as the MD-80.

The plane features an all-new supercritical wing having a sweepback of 25 degrees and designed by Ukraine’s Antonov Design Bureau.

Antonov also assisted the project with geometrical determination and integral analysis of the construction strength of ARJ21.

General Electric Company supplies the engines.

Rockwell Collins, Inc. will supply the avionics.

Well done, West: yet another example of great Western innovation and ingenuity. :handshake

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All good stuff comes from the West.

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fast and relaxing journey through airways is quite interresting

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Comac ARJ21 is a good Western plane.

Without democracy and human rights, China will never be able to make their own passenger plane.
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