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Should colleges ban romance between professors and students?

Romantic relationships between college students and their professors have long been a topic of debate, both within the academic community and outside of it. Yan Yiming, a professor from Beijing Institute of Technology, calls for a ban on the romance between professors and students. What do you think? Should student-teacher romantic relationship in college be forbidden?

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1105852048 Post time 2016-6-7 00:57:23

Absolutely... it can lead to another form of bribery.

teamkrejados Post time 2016-6-7 07:28:50

Yes, absolutely! Teachers are in a position of responsibility over students, even if said students are in college. That position should not be abused or taken lightly.

Dracarys Post time 2016-6-7 07:36:48

Romance is not proper I guess affair is more suitable ..

mixamixa Post time 2016-6-7 09:06:10

Why isn't it banned already? Professors taking advantage of students should be fired on the spot.
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