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Say yes to money or to love?
(Shanghaiist) John Lennon once sang that he doesn't care too much for money, because money can't buy him love. Obviously, he wasn't trying hard enough.
Because all it took for one young guy to win his sweetheart's love was a bouquet full of cash totaling 5,000 RMB. The man, a student at Nanchang Teachers College, got down on one knee and proposed to his girlfriend, first presenting her with the "cash bouquet."

sunnylin01 Post time 2016-5-28 10:14:06
Obviously, she said "yes."

sunnylin01 Post time 2016-5-28 10:14:34
This inspiring romantic success story follows a few painful losses. Last week, a daring Hubei dude tried to parachute in for his proposal, only to get stuck in a tree. And the week before that a nerdy Shenyang guy made a giant portrait of the girl of his dreams from 840 Rubik's cube, only to get rejected.

sunnylin01 Post time 2016-5-28 10:14:52 Back in 2013, images of one of these "money bouquets" from a flower shop in Xi'an went viral. At the time, we told you to please never give one to your partner -- ever. But now we're not so sure. Money just might be more effective than meat, at least on the right person.

YoungGao Post time 2016-7-1 18:15:58

No need to push self into A or B choose.

Dracarys Post time 2016-7-3 13:38:13

love of course ..

parcher Post time 2016-7-3 15:16:47

only 5,000 won her love:o...
I guess he can look forward to a cheap divorce:lol
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