Nayoko Post time 2016-5-25 19:20:19

Chinese Edition of Technological Singularity

China Daily just interviewed Murray Shanahan, a London-based cognitive robotics professor, on the topic of AI, the Singularity, and transhumanism.

I never knew that China Daily was now being as advanced as the best Caucasian scientists, engineers, and philosophers.  The fact that China Daily has now taken an interest in things like the Singularity and transhumanism means that China is on the right path to surpass every nation outside of China and to expand throughout the Milky Way Galaxy.  I never thought this was possible, but it now seems that I was wrong.  

DonnaPickle Post time 2016-9-13 18:25:40

I believe you assume too much.

DonnaPickle Post time 2016-9-13 18:26:23

Not true.

Fotox Post time 2016-12-3 17:05:34

What is a transhumanism?
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