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You conveniently forget that most marrages in which the age difference is substantial it is the hu ...
Like I said before, I can accept their love. Just I will never do it, that's not my style. This kind of marriage will put more pressure on this couple than general one. That's not what I want. I can make my decisions and do my choices, OK !!!

I never said anything about the couple consisted of older husband and younger wife or comments on this couple is right or wrong. It's their choice. I admire their courage but worry about their future. Since I'm female I know the 46 years old woman is approaching menopause. That's really a big turning point for women. Wish them all good.

I don't know why you can relate this to that. You seems to be worried too much about men and women. Seriously, women's right, men's rights, what we want is equal right not lower not higher.  What I say is not something related to sex but what I get from this couple, this story.
As a result, whatever the couple kind is ,everyone can make their own decisions. Accept doesn't mean DOING IT MYSELF, OK !  

Bandito Post time 2016-5-25 03:09:32

Luckily this is China otherwise they might just have a case for invasion of privacy......Would you like your life plastered about like this?

dhinet Post time 2016-5-25 06:31:01

Age does not matter as long as both are honest with their feelings.

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Age is a state of mind, if they are happy where is the problem?

Totally agree!I cannot see any problems.
In fact, it's a kind of discrimination that older women cannot be accepted to be married with young husband.
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