Freelytie Post time 2016-5-23 08:53:50

sunnylin01 Post time: 2016-5-20 13:49 static/image/common/back.gif
Tan Wanping, 23, was once a chef, while his wife Li Liangyou, 46, is an office worker in a local hos ...

This is not about ages,and it is about love.

guml Post time 2016-5-23 15:43:44

Best wishes to Li and Tan.

noviskic520 Post time 2016-5-24 08:02:37

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I can feel this couple’s happiness through these series pictures.
Also I highly appreciate the gay’s courage to make the decision.
Because he have to suffer huge pressure coming form the vast public and  Social Media .
But I have the similar  questions  with many forumites :
1. will he change the attitude after a decade  or more?
      As a decade pass, his wife will be about 60 years old while he will be just 35.In this stage the men will be more mature ,his career may raise to a new level,He need to focus to the daily work most of the time. Contrarily, his wife will be retired and will consider more about healthy and relax,such as travel.the couple sleep at the same bed but think  about the completely different things.gradually,they will have little and little common topics.     what'more?the man will still have sexual needs,but his wife will refuse his requirement.

2.will they plan to have a child?
   as an up and coming guy he is definitely eager for a child.but it is extremely  difficult and rough for a woman near 50 years old to consider a new brithing.

exportedkiwi Post time 2016-5-24 08:24:19

becca216 Post time: 2016-5-22 18:24 static/image/common/back.gif
The probability is very very strong. I can accept their love. However, in my deep heart, this marr ...

Agreed. The age difference is too large in the wrong direction.

I do, however, wish them all the very best.

Ratfink Post time 2016-5-24 15:03:47

If it works fine. If not then suffer the consequences, however, it's their decision so who are we to judge. As the book of words says "Let him who hath no sin cast the first stone".

St_George Post time 2016-5-24 16:22:54

I probably would if I was ugly....

ngajia Post time 2016-5-24 17:04:34

Its body's business but theirs.
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