sunnylin01 Post time 2016-5-20 13:57:00

Li Liangyou (L) and Tan Wanping pose for a photo on a trip.

sunnylin01 Post time 2016-5-20 13:59:43

Marriage certificate of the couple.

sunnylin01 Post time 2016-5-20 14:00:48

Li Liangyou (R) and Tan Wanping hold hands.

futsanglung Post time 2016-5-20 14:08:01

Age is a state of mind, if they are happy where is the problem?

parcher Post time 2016-5-20 14:18:25

I think families should just butt out...
my daughter has a bf older than her. He is a decent bloke, so I don't give a monkeys...

becca216 Post time 2016-5-20 15:14:47

I am female. For me, 23 years gap, two decades and more, no no no. I actually can't imagine that.

For others, I don't judge. It's not my business.  I can accept their love.

truthbetold1 Post time 2016-5-20 16:03:12

Happy to see a story like this.
Even marriages with couples the same age are not guarantees this days good luck to them.
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