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Would you marry a girl who is older than you?

People have come to accept that a man can marry a girl fit to be their daughter but for a woman to do that is unacceptable. So if you as a lady finds out that all the guys you meet are always younger, would you go ahead to get married to one of them? Or as a guy, would you marry a woman older than you?

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Tan Wanping, 23, was once a chef, while his wife Li Liangyou, 46, is an office worker in a local hospital. Both from Liangping county, Chongqing municipality, the two knew each other in a bicycle-riding competition in November, 2015. They got married two months later on January 5, 2016.

Li Liangyou fell off the bike during the competition and broke her left collar bone. Tan Wanping gave up the match and took her to the hospital immediately. While Li stayed at the hospital, Tan often came to visit her. Gradually, the two started a relationship.

The couple said they share a tacit understanding for many things. In the eyes of Li Liangyou, Tan is a firm man who would work hard towards his goals. They registered at the local Civil Affairs Bureau on January 5, 2016. Unlike other couples, they were asked to go to the police station for identifying papers before the registration.

Both families of the two were against the marriage, especially on the groom’s side. Tan’s mother asked him bluntly: “Have you ever thought about having any child?” Tan’s father even went to Li’s office, in the hope that she would cut off ties with his son.
Despite the disposal of their families, their friends didn’t think much about the couple’s future, either. A fellow bicycle rider even wrote a sarcastic poem about them.

The couple admitted that they do have differences in terms of attitudes and conceptions. Li feared if Tan would change his mind when he grows older.

“I’m much older than him. I don’t know, really, what this would become after a decade or two,” said the woman.

Still, Tan asked to marry Li. One of the biggest practical problems that the couple encounters is children. Tan said he was not sure whether to have any child, when Li chuckled and said it was actually not quite important. The second problem is to get approval from families on both sides. Li and her ex-husband had a son, who was about the same age with Tan. The two got along well till this moment.

Li said she visited the beauty salon less frequently after getting married to Li, and paid less attention to her appearance. “But many people say I look like I’m in a good condition, perhaps because of a younger life attitude.”

“Also, I gradually fell in love with house work,” said Li, “We do bicker with each other. I would usually tolerate him, but he would also analyze the problem and try to find a solution.”

The couple has a clear plan about their future. Tan Wanping is currently studying car-fixing in the neighboring Jiulongpo District. He intended to find a job after three month’s study and eventually open his own workshop.

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Li Liangyou (L) and Tan Wanping cook a meal together. (Beijing Time)

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Tan kisses Li on her forehead.

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Li Liangyou (R) and Tan Wanping walk hand in hand on street.

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Li Liangyou (R) and Tan Wanping pose for a photo during a bike ride

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Li Liangyou (L) and Tan Wanping pose for a photo on a trip.
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