belcat Post time 2016-5-18 04:19:12

Hah... if a husband wants to have a mistress, he'd better be ready for the wife to have a few men... :lol Such an arrangement is called an open relationship, and has it's own set of rules.
If this is a one-sided thing where only the man gets to play, I don't think it's fair.

seneca Post time 2016-5-18 08:59:02

seneca Post time 2016-5-18 09:00:18

Cdogg Post time 2016-5-18 09:46:07

Bad joo-joo:L

teamkrejados Post time 2016-5-18 13:41:18

cmknight Post time: 2016-5-17 22:39 static/image/common/back.gif
Mistresses ... the modern day hooker. Beaver for rent or lease.
Men with mistresses ... insecure, ob ...

'Modern day'? Powerful men throughout history have kept mistresses! Hookers are something else altogether.

teamkrejados Post time 2016-5-18 13:42:40

seneca Post time: 2016-5-18 08:59 static/image/common/back.gif
True. It was even in the state-owned media, so you can believe of 30% of it. But 30% is still a tr ...

'Being exploited by women'? Don't you think it is the other way around?

futsanglung Post time 2016-5-18 15:04:20

I am rich, I do not have a mistress so your comments are wrong;P
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