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Top 10 China Dependent Economies

Forbes lists the top 10 economies exporting to China and the year-to-date performance of their corresponding exchange traded funds.
10. Indonesia (IDX -21.7%)China accounts for roughly 10% of Indonesia’s exports, equivalent to 2% of its GDP.
9. Thailand (THD -16.21%)China accounts for 12% of Thailand’s exports and 7% of its GDP.
8. Malaysia (EWM -20.4%)Getting up there. China is 12% of Malaysia exports and 10% of its GDP.
7. Brazil (EWZ -33.6%)China is basically 18% of Brazil’s exports and is its single biggest foreign market for Made in Brazil. But as far as GDP, China accounts for just 2% of that.
6. Peru (EPU -31.4%)China is 19% of Peruvian exports and roughly 4% of its GDP.
5. Japan (EWJ +11.83%)China is also 19% of Japan’s exports and 3% of its GDP.
4. Chile (ECH -17.3%)China is 23% of Chile’s export market and around 8% of its GDP thanks to the copper trade.
3. Korea (EWY -2.6%)Korea has held up well despite China’s market volatility. China is responsible for 25% of Korean exports and roughly 11% of its GDP.
2. Taiwan (EWT -9.56%)Taiwan, too, has held up fairly well despite the fact that 26% of its exports are China bound. A whopping 16% of its economic output is dependent on China.
1. Australia (EWA -13.4%)Iron ore has made China account for 34% of Aussie exports worldwide. China accounts for 6% of Australian GDP.

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Now its farming meat, fruit and vegetables and milk are the exports to China

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8 out of 10 are Asian neighbors, Brasil and China have a rapidly growing economic relationship which will be a win-win situation for both countries in the future.
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