bigsky Post time 2003-11-5 04:43:26

What type of man/ woman do you like?

I like petite and slim girl with nice hair, good sense of humour, smart, sexy and have a great smile.

beijinggirl Post time 2003-11-5 15:55:45

what about urself

ar-wing Post time 2003-11-7 11:28:57

u r childish

I think u r a boy below 25 years old.
In my eye the people who establish the standard of his other part is childish. IF u do it in this way i think it is hard to find ur lover.  

golover Post time 2003-11-7 19:18:20

so funny

every people want their other parts consummate,don't scold them please..even though you are in your thirties.what description do you want from others' opinion about your counterpart?just the same i think.

dreads Post time 2003-11-8 15:09:41


guess3times Post time 2003-11-8 19:22:17

My opinion,

Men should be humorous, generous, and independent;  While women should be kind, decent, and not lazy.
Too rich men or too gorgeous women are both too dangerous. Like a business, high risk, high reward.

1584austin Post time 2016-5-6 04:31:40

A high % of blokes would
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