Miyamoto Post time 2015-9-28 11:47:18

China Buying Up Land in Third-World Detroit

As USA continues to fill with Third-World people, the land will become worthless.  China should make a deal with President Obama to buy off the worthless parts in the same manner USA bought Alaska from Russia, and make those parts a part of China (minus the Third-World people, of course).  

NBC News

BEIJING — Bankrupt Detroit’s thousands of empty buildings are being flogged at rock-bottom prices — and Chinese investors are answering the siren call of unbeatable deals.

With family homes regularly selling for around $10,000, the beleaguered Motor City is now the number-four destination for Chinese housing investors in the U.S. Bigger spenders have already snapped up some of Detroit’s most iconic commercial buildings.

“There are factories, commercial real estate and upscale areas around Detroit with proximity to good schools that are worth investing in,” said Wang Ning, deputy manager in charge of international business at China online real estate agency SouFun.

The firm, which lists hundreds of photos of abandoned Detroit homes on its website, says it received more than 1,000 telephone inquiries the week after the city claimed the dubious distinction of having filed the country's largest municipal bankruptcy in July 2013.

Miyamoto Post time 2015-9-28 13:16:39

China needs more land for its 1.3 billion people.

futsanglung Post time 2015-9-28 13:51:04

Strange, Chinese can buy and in the US but they can not buy land in China

Miyamoto Post time 2015-9-28 14:12:12

futsanglung Post time: 2015-9-28 13:51 static/image/common/back.gif
Strange, Chinese can buy and in the US but they can not buy land in China

Different political systems: China chooses to exist as a distinct race and culture, while the Caucasians choose to go extinct.

Miyamoto Post time 2015-9-28 16:27:25

China needs to get the same size as Russia.

Mishao Post time 2017-8-13 08:33:20

Detroit has been downgraded to the 4th world. It is bankrupt.
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