dragon8 Post time 2015-9-3 02:15:08

Gold & USA dollars

Gold & USA dollars

02 September 2015.

Beijing bought 600 tons of gold in the span of a month.

The People's Bank of China got rid of over 17 billion USA dollars from its foreign exchange reserves

Incedius420 Post time 2015-9-3 08:12:21

Seeing how the USD is on its way up an gold has been crashing,  trading USD for gold is a dumb move.  But hey you dont really think about what your posting,  just as long as its anti-american you love it.

grb Post time 2015-9-3 10:24:31

BJ is stupid.

dusty1 Post time 2015-9-3 10:41:08


Revolutionar Post time 2015-9-3 17:29:09

Gold is useful.....

When people want to run away

Mishao Post time 2017-8-20 20:01:46

Let's get something straight:(1)The US Dollar is terminal,(2)The value of Gold is so high it needs to be manipulated by the federal banksto maintain their fiat disaster in place.
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