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The strange dots with different Chinese characters!

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Many Chinese characters have one or more dots with them. Of course different dots have different meaning in different surroundings!-------------for examples:

1) 鸟(niao,)for ‘bird’.---------This small dot represents one of the eyes of the bird!

2) 立(li) for ‘standing’.---------The dot is the someone‘s head! ---------(Head+shoulder+legs+ ground=立)

3) 为(wei) for "do' or "deed'.--------The dots should be two drops of sweat on or from your body! ---------Without the two dots,the 为 looks like one person who is doing heavy work! ---------You could see his two arms stretching out, bent back and two legs!  ----------THE drops of sweat could tell you how hard he is working!

4)江河(jianghe) for "river"----------this set of three dots is called ’三点水'---------"three-dot-water"!---------in fact, it represents all streams that flow into the river and become the main source of the river-water!-----------When you draw the three dots for 江,you must pay enough attention to the directions of the three streams and make sure all of them would flow into the river-bed 工(in which the Middle part 1 should be the bridge over the river!)!-------------ONLY in this way,that would more like a water-way!----------( your handwriting would be improved!)

5) 馬---------The four dots symbol the four legs of a horse! ------------Our ancestors emphasized the horse’s legs with dots because this kind animals were quite useful on both the battle-ground and farmland!----------Other four-leg-animals had no such glory although they have as many legs as horse!

(TO BE continued)

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6) 心 ----------its shape looks exactly like that of your beating heart! ------------The three dots should the blood vessels from the organ. ------------‘Three' is not the exact number since sometime Chinese people use ’3‘ to represent ’many‘ according to our tradition! ----------Just as the three dots do to the word 江 or 河. ---------I think every river should have more than three streams for its resource!  

7) 寸----------In ancient China, people used 尺 as the tool to measure their fields that was not one piece of straight wooden thing,instead it was a curved thing just as the shape of 尺!----------One meter is equal to three 尺 (Chinese inch?).   ----------1尺=10寸-----------The dot of 寸 should be the small scale-print on the ’ruler‘!

8) 言---------It means ’say‘ or ’words‘.------------- In ancient China, people were asked to wear a cap with a knot on its top (but the cap had no lid in the front.)-----------

The dot and the following first ’一' should be the cap!;
The second ’ 一‘ refers to the ’eyes‘;
The third ’一‘ is the ’nose‘;
The 口 is 'mouth’.

So  the  言 is what you see about the speaker‘s face!----------Yes! When you are speaking,I must pay enough attention to your eyes , nose, hair as well as the mouth, since from this I could get more information about your body language that is more important than what I heard!

(For more note: IN ancient China,吾 means ’I' or 'me'.--------- 五 is ‘five’; 口 should be 'cave‘ or 'hole'!---------There are five caves in your face:one mouth,two holes of the nose and two eyes!---------吾 is a simple picture of my face that could represents me!)  

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In short words, the dot of 寸 should be the tick mark on the ruler!

9) 文 ----------It look like a man (who is a bit thin with wide ’shoulders‘!)!----------The dot on the top should be the head and ’一’is his shoulders. -------------- Usually 文 refers to an intellectual scholar, such as me!------- (laughing!).

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10) how about the dots with 金(gold) and 玉(jade)?

---------Both of the two words have common part 王(king) that is the zebra pattern of the face of tiger who is the Emperor of the animal world!

---------IN ancient China, those senior officials above the provincial level could be called ‘王’.  Then, what does the dot of 玉 mean? ---------Maybe it was the jade-belt that could show the high status of its master!------------yes, those high officials always carry such a small thing (jade) to distinguish them from ordinary people!

(Another explaination to 玉 is that:'jade’ is the ‘king’ of stones but it is hard for you to find out one piece of jade without one single of fault! -----------So, jade (玉)always has tiny flaw with itself just as anyone of we human beings has short-comings!)

全 means ‘perfect’ or ‘all’.  When I was in the Qufu City, I saw the Confucian Temple with the golden ‘roof’ was the most ‘perfect’ architecture in the local area! ---------So the picture of 全 should the beautiful Royal Palace that symbols 100% perfect! ---------人 is the roof under which the king (王) lives!

金---------If you admit the 全 is the form of the royal palace, the appearance of the the architecture (from the outside to inside) should be ’golden‘ that color is admired by all ordinary citizens who always think that the king must have stored a lot of gold (dots) inside his home!

(In the primary school, my dear teacher said:"This character is so  interesting that we may think it in a humorous way!------------One person (人)whose surname is 王 and he hides two pieces of candy (dot)under his belt around the waist!"

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I have posted a new blog on 球 and 泳. (Pending for approval!) -----------HAVE A LOOK, please!

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