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What is the real pleasure (欢乐 in Chinese)?

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The character 欢 could tell you more stories about Chinese culture!-----------

Could you tell  me the relationship between the word 欢 and the above two pictures?
I would be back after supper!-----------then  we would have a great time on Chinese language!

(Note:   The pictures were copied from the Internet.)

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欢-----------It consists of three parts and each of them represents one person ‘人':

The first part is 又 which looks like a man with the two legs crossing (dancing)!-------------It looks like the left performer in yellow in the first photo above, who is leading a ‘lion’!

Its left part has two persons (who are inside the ‘lion’):one of them has raised up the other man into the air!--------- The latter is on the top of the former just as what is shown in the second picture! ---------You could see the top man bending one of his legs in the air,how vivid it is!

Such lion-dance is great entertainment program for the Spring festival or other celebrations when you feel our enjoyment with happy life!

欢 is a beautiful man-made scenery when we have a great time!

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JUST NOW I HAVE posted a bog on the word 墙. (pending for approval) That is as interesting as the above.----------- Please have a check if free!

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ABOUT the meaning of 乐:
Please check my blog 'My best message for the Spring Festival ‘!

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又 reminds me another character that is also related to the human body!----------女(woman or girl)
The structure of this word is very special:
It looks like one person who is dancing:with the two legs crossing;the two arms stretching outside in different directions; with the head aslant!------------That is a beautiful posture for dance and woman is more fit for the job than man!----------The character 女 itself is a good description for the female‘s good figure!

ON the contrast,about 男(man):its lower part 力 looks like one person:with two arms and two legs and you could also see his bent back! -------------who could 'support’ the farmland or field (田)----------from the shape of 男,you could feel the strength of man‘s body!----------力 means 'a working man’!

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I am really put onto the top of the Earth by the technicians from the CD including those editors who have got breakthrough on the repairing project from the hacking!

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If you all day long do not meet a dog, that is a great 欢乐 in the mainland.
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