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The source of the Chinese phrase 一生一世

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Few hours ago, I posted one blog on the Chinese character 张.-----------( You may have a check first for the following!)Its left part 长 (also pronounced as ‘zhang’) means ‘grow’or ‘growth’.---------- Why?If we say  ‘the child is growing quickly’ that  I mean the kid looks like the arrow on the string of the bow that increases with fast pace! ----------The shape of 长 is so vivid for its meaning!Another character 生 means  ‘birth’: a ‘cattle’ 牛 comes onto the ground ‘一’!------------------I wish I would be as healthy and strong as that cattle on the Earth!You put the two characters above together, the phrase‘生长’ means ‘grow’!   A related word is 世 which means ‘generation’. --------------why?
We have character 十(shi) for ‘ten’;  You would get 廿(nian)for ‘twenty’ if you put  two ‘十’ together and connect them with a short 一 at their bottom; Of course,three words of ‘十’ would make up into 卅(sa) for ‘thirty’;
Now you could see some secrets about the character 世: Very twenty to thirty years would mean one generation for our human beings on the Earth!一生一世----------One person’s whole life in the world! -------------Both 生 and 世 have common ground  for their bottom since that is the horizon line of the Globe for our life!

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about the word 牛 (cattle): its first part should symbols the sharp horn of the beast that we could feel its strength and bravery! ----------its last part of the "1" should be its tail that always points downward to the ground that shows the animals is quite modest although it is the most powerful farm beast for the peasants!---------on the contrast, the horse (馬 or 马)always holds up its head with pride who is not as patient as cattle when in difficult situation!

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It is always pleasure to know more about the relationship between the structure and the meaning of those Chinese characters!-------------that could help us better understand the depth of the Chinese language, easy to memorize them; it is also useful for you to improve your handwriting  since such knowledge would make the characters you written have more spirit as if they could talk to viewers!

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About the word 牛: its first part is the left of the top that looks like the sharp curved horn on the head of the animal, from which you could feel the beast‘s strength and bravery!

(---------On the contrast, the character 马 or 馬(ma) shows that a horse always firmly holds up its head but it is not as patient as its brother ’Cattle‘ when in difficulties!)

There is such a joke in China:You lead a cow out of the cottage, first go to the east, then turn left;
after a while, you make another direction-change; at last the cattle is going home!---------now, could you tell me what direction its tail is pointing to?

Yes, the cattle's tail is always pointing downward! ------------The word 生 shows that the cattle‘s tail '1' is so long that it could touch the ground '一‘!

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It is indeed, thank you 老师. I really do love all of the stuff you write on this!

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Keep it coming! {:1_1:}

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Keep it coming!

The head of the bull 牛 is always upward (up and up) with strength just as what is taking place in the bullish Chinese stock market! -----------so all the stock-share-holders take bull as a lucky animal that could bring them great fortune!

Why do Chinese people use a ’beast’ to describe human life(生)?  When I was in Middle school, father raised a cow. At one night,the cow gave a birth to a cattle without our noticing !--------------It was quite a great surprise and enjoyment for all of my family members to see a baby-cattle was wandering in the courtyard in the early morning when we woke up from dreams!

BULL is a fortunate god for all of our life(生活)  who is strong and independent,struggling with gentle temper!--------------I would like become a yellow revolutionary cattle in forum!

(Note:‘革命的老黄牛’ is a sound slogan phrase in the Cultural Revolution Era in China!------------Which means ‘an old yellow cattle for the revolutionary cause’!)
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