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what is the meaning of the chinese idiom 肉烂汤肥?

Many years ago, I visited a butcher‘s house (workshop)in that village where I saw a jar full of old soup(老汤)which was left from the last-time cooking of meat. It was strange to me that the old soup was kept in the Sun even in the hot summer!---------The master said to me:"肉烂汤肥 the soup would become nutritious when the meat is well cooked since some of the meat would get into the soup!-------My special 'pot' is so big that it can hold four-hundred-kilogram of meat!--------when one pot of things is cooked well, I pick up the Pieces of the meat out and wrap them into plastic bags;The left treasure-like soup would be preserved for next-time use!---------IN principal, the longer you cook, the more tasty the food would be! but you would lose money since too much of meat would melt into the soup!"

This is one of the reasons why the packaged cooked-meat from the shop is always more tasty than that we self-made at home!

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In fact, my second elder brother was also a butcher who told me meat would not be cooked well without gentle fire for as long as half-a-day!
IN daily life, I am afraid that most of us could not afford so much time to deal with meat in the kitchen!

Here, I also want to say:this principal on cooking is similar to our writing!---------My article would  be  awful  without a long time of thinking about what I want to tell out!

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It is said that in CHINA Tibetan region the local people usually eat raw beef with blood without any cooking since they seldom have fresh green vegetables due to the local special climate!--------- (The raw meat would offer human more Vitamin C than the cooked one!)-----------This is an unique living style that is different from ours!)

HOW TO cook a fish?  A simple method is the following that may be the best one in the world!:
Just from the same the river where you have caught the fish, you scoop some river-water to cook it with a pot for hours, at last add some vinegar and salt into the pot. ---------The dish would be very tasty!----------WHY?
-----------Because the water is quite similar to what is inside the fish that could easily melt the meat!----------According to science of physics and chemistry,the similar things would easily cooperate with each other and become good friends and live together!

ONE of my relatives did business on cooking and selling meat. She said: "IF I choose good favour- materials from the Chinese-herd  store,the product must be sold at the price 32 Yuan/Kg with high quality; However, the price could be reduced to as low as 24 Yuan/Kg with poor taste if I use cheaper auxiliary materials for cooking!----------But her business had last only six months before failed!-----------I think the reason for the failure should be that she could recycle-use the soup and had wasted too much money on flavour things!

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I think our Chinese cooking style is different from that of the other nations and such topic would arise readers' interest and our discussion would be helpful for everyone!

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Here I say thanks to Miss.Sally_sunshine!------- Her blog "Do you like sweet and sour spareribs?" has driven me to think a lot on cooking.

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The above stainless box (with many holes) is used to hold the flavour-materials for meat-cooking that could be recycled for at least twice! ----------After the first time,you may pick it up from the pot and wash to with hot clean water and later store it in your refrigerator for further use!--------it is said the inside auxiliary things would give more tastes to the food for the second time than before!

(THIS method is what my wife has learned from the chef who works in the canteen of that kindergarten!)

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When you have Chinese dumplings for meal, you had better take in the soup later! ----------in China, we often say the original soup helps you to digest the original (solid)food!-------(原汤化原食)!

We also have another saying “吃肉不喝汤,肠胃会受伤!)-----------"Your stomach and intestine would get hurt if you only take in the meat without its soup!"-------- The soup is very good for the digestion since it could easily ‘melt’ the large molecules of protein, sugar and fat!

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