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I have several blogs on Chinese-character-structure

Chinese characters are paintings which shapes could tell you their meanings! Many friends are interested in our hieroglyphic language. I wish some of my Blogs on this topic would be helpful for your Chinese study!

The following are the related titles:
1) 'is 狗 funny?'
2) my best best message for the festival
3) the language obstacles for Chinese students
4) Chinese characters are paintings

Please have a look, if you are free!

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To the editor friend:
One of my blogger friends asked me to write more on such topic. I have posted three posts on this Chinese learning webpage. But two of them have been deleted! Why?

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Our Chinese word 聪明 (means 'clever'):
聪----------ear-collecting: summarize what your have heard into the heart 心;
明--------the Sun and the Moon: the most valuable things for you to clearly see something with your big eyes !)
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