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Father and daughter who take photo at the same venue for 35 years
35 years ago, 26-year-old Hua Yunqing and his 1-year-old daughter Huahua took a photo by the Lake and tower at Jinshan Hill, Zhenjiang city of Jiangsu province. They continued doing so at the same place for 35 consecutive years, except for the year 1998, when the daughter was abroad.

Hua Yunqing works at the City Planning Bureau of Zhenjiang city, Jiangsu province. As a fan of photography, bicycle riding and the surfing the internet, he’s popular on local web community.

Hua told the reporters that the idea of showcasing the photos of him with his daughter was first brought up by one of his friends, Gu Hongyu, the board moderator of the local BBS.

“He saw a foreign father and daughter kept taking a photo for years going viral on Weibo, and thought of me and my daughter. We’ve been taking photos of 35 years,” said Hua.

Hua said his memory for the first photo was still quite fresh. It was August 1980, when his daughter was just 1 year old. Hua and his wife took their daughter to visit a friend who lived by the lake.

For work’s sake, Hua often brought a camera with him wherever he went, and when they passed by the lake and the tower, he thought it would make a nice picture. Then he asked his wife to take a picture with him and his daughter, which was their first “lake and tower” picture.

The next summer, when Hua went swimming in the lake, he thought of the picture he had taken with his daughter Huahua a year ago, and then he brought Huahua to take a picture again at the same place. After the film was developed, he saw the apparent change of her compared with the photo one year ago. Then he decided to take a photo with Huahua every year at the same place.

The 1998 photo was photo-shopped, Hua admitted. Huahua went to Japan as an exchange student that year.

“She’d been there for not long, and the school work was heavy. So she called and said perhaps we wouldn’t be able to take the photo that year,” Hua recalled. He was disappointed, but then he suggested that they take a photo each of themselves and then put them together. Later, with Huahua’s full length picture mailed from Japan and his own picture by the tower, he made the 1998 “lake and tower picture”.

In 2008, another little girl entered the group photo. Huahua’s daughter, Hua Yunqing’s granddaughter was born. And in 2012, Huahua’s second daughter came into the photo, too.

“I hope this could continue, even if I’m gone in the future, I hope this could pass down with my daughter and granddaughters,” Hua said.

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