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Chinese Stars in Transnational Marriage

Transnational marriage refers to marriage of two people from different countries. Although love can cross borders, citizenship , cultural difference and other issues may affect this special love relationship. Therefore, Chinese stars who have been under spotlight would gain more public attention if involved in transnational love or marriage. It is no denying that marriage is a long journey which requires the couple to show consideration for each other and overcome obstacles together. It is the same with transnational marriage. Wish them be happy. {:1_1:}


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Chinese actress Qi Wei got married with Korean American singer, actor and host Li Chengxuan

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Chinese singer Liang Yongqi married a Spanish named Sergio. They two got to know each other when Liang was in Spain for travelling.

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Chinese singer Xu Ruyun married Mr. Big from South Korea who is a executive in a  entertainment brokerage firm

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Chinese singer Li Wen married Canadian millionaire Bruce who is now the CEO of Li &Fung Group

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Singaporean singer Sun Yanzi who develops career mainly in China married Nadim Van Der Ros from Holland

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Singer Mo Wenwei married her first boyfriend, a German who has been a father of three childs
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