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how can the left-over girls find a boyfriend?

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hi, everybody, I am really concerned about this topic .

I broke up with my bf three months ago due to different concepts. and now I have joined the "army" of 'left-over girls“,by the way , I was born in December of 1987 . my conditions are neither too bad nor too good.

let me talk about myself at first, I have graduated from a university with a Master's Degree last June and has worked in a key public middle school in Fujian province , I have nice figure and not ugly face,with good salary and treatment . the problem is there are so limited male colleagues here , most of whom are younger than me.  and it's difficult to meet other male guys here. there is just no chance ! so I has been worried how and when I will find my Mr Right. It's a big issure for  me. I have tried to registered fei cheng wu rao,  but after one month ,I found most of them have lower degree than me, ( actually I don't mind that much) there are a few excellent ones, but they never  invited me to have a date. (maybe they are not sincere enough ,or maybe they don't need a girlfriend as early as I do).

I have never been bothered by this issue of being left-over, cuz I had a bf before ,and the guys in our university were excellent . but now after graduation ,  there are few excellent guys . and what's more, there is no channel to meet new friends. the way , I don't have any relatives nearby to introduce single men to me,  the only possible channle to meet new friends is through the internet. dear friends,  pls tell me how to find a boyfriend. sounds  a stupid question, right?

pls leave your comments. merci beaucoup~

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by the way if you are going to work near to Xiamen and wanna make friends , please add my wechat : confidentalison , and pls let me konw where you add my ID.THANKS.

BlondeAmber Post time 2015-1-7 19:23:43

you have bought into the stupid idea that women who are unmarried by 30 are 'leftover'
this is just a way to control you and your life by family/society.
have some confidence in yourself that you will meet the right person, so don't rush into anything.
if you marry the first guy who asks you because you are afraid of what people will say about you without getting to know how compatible you are, you will be unhappy.
Get to know a guy WELL before you make up your mind - see how he behaves with his friends, family, strangers first: many sleazy guys fake being nice only to turn out to be a bad choice.
live your own life, not the lives of other people around you.
go out, get a hobby (shopping is not a hobby)
meet people with similar interests and values.

don't be in a hurry to make probably the worst decision of your life.
anyone who pressures you and says that you have 'family obligations' to get married asap is only saying that for selfish reasons and does not really care about your happiness

there are 40 million more guys in China than there are girls.
getting married is not a race

confidentaliaso Post time 2015-1-7 20:41:55

thanks , I agree with your opinion

casseopeia Post time 2015-1-7 21:06:28

omg...what did china do to you? where is your self-esteem. you willingly call yourself "leftover"...i can't imagine a sadder scenario.

but. good luck to you.

by the way, if you don't see any worth in yourself, no one else will, either.

parcher Post time 2015-1-7 21:16:35

Does it not depend on what your parents say?...
Will you accept a bf that earns less than you?

1584austin Post time 2015-1-7 23:38:00

parcher Post time: 2015-1-7 21:16 static/image/common/back.gif
Does it not depend on what your parents say?...
Will you accept a bf that earns less than you?

That's a China thing.

As you know parents can put the pressure on their children in China. But not the West of the World{:1_1:}
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