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Heartwarming Photos of Children & Animals in Rustic Village

Sebastian Łuczywo is a father-of-two who creates stunning and heart-warming photos of his family and pets in a small, quaint and beautiful rural village in Poland. Łuczywo, a business adviser by day and devoted photographer by night, agreed to talk about his passion for photography.

Sebastian’s images are beautiful still-lifes in a natural setting with a somewhat atmospheric and surreal touch. “I tried to show life in the country, but look at it with a grain of salt,” the photographer said.

The main characters in Sebastian‘s “stories” are his two sons Jacek (8) and Krzysztof (11) and his wife Agnieszka (35). Sometimes the photographer poses himself as well. One of the cutest additions to his photos is his animals.

“All I photographed had natural surroundings: barns, old bowls, tables, chairs, animals. I tried to show life in the country, but look at it with a grain of salt,” Łuczywo said in an interview.

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“I love my animals, they are very important to me. They are best friends, unselfish and extremely dedicated. I have two large dogs, Roka and Lord, and three puppies: Cola, Grubcia and Kropka. All the dogs live under one roof with a cat and a guinea pig. They are best friends, unselfish, and extremely dedicated.”

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“I am a business advisor and I have a university degree in economics. Every free moment I spend with my family and photography.”

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“I am a sensitive man, I carefully watch the world. I really like to watch people’s behavior, because each person is different and has something special.”

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10. “The inspiration for me is the music and the light that, for every photographer and painter, should be valid. Light is an important factor in creating a photograph. If it is good, it can make the climate, it can create a story.”

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