the2pid1 Post time 2014-12-21 02:17:24

Women over 30 years old.....Expectations and real chance of marriage?

As an American man, I have heard and read about the desire in Chinese culture for women to be married before age 30. I have also heeard and read about the many other marriage "requirements". Since I'm not Chinese, nor living in China, these cultural ideals don't apply to me. I would really like to understand the thoughts and expectations of Chinese women. Feel free to put it all out on the table....age, money, family issues ect.

the2pid1 Post time 2014-12-24 12:16:58

No opinions at all? I'm surprised! Did I ask an improper question or make an improper statement?? Chinese women are usually very forward in their opinions.

chinalionfish Post time 2014-12-24 15:24:24

Some stress is from parents and social opinion.:L

lionstar Post time 2014-12-24 20:46:35

my chinese wife is now 45       veeeeery sure she could get married not to just one if we break-up

casseopeia Post time 2014-12-24 22:01:34

japanese men, german men also want women under's not just the chinese society. but no one would call single women "leftovers" except for chinese people.

fate overrides all. if there's fate, age is irrelevant, i would say for people everywhere.

JoJo.Zhuang Post time 2014-12-24 22:17:27

yes , because in china , especially ten or twenty years ago . woman can not get education very well .  and in that time people in China want to get more children .so if they get old , she could not have more children . and it can because this reason , so no man will marry her . so in that time they was expect to get marry early. beside they maybe all farmer . so after 30 ,they will not beautiful any more . so  

youknowhat Post time 2014-12-25 02:55:25

i love women over thirty they kno how to rock my boat not just rodeo like ridin a mechanical bull on me  ;P:lol
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