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Domestic Bliss

Susan Copich, an actress and a mother of two from New York, has taken a darkly humorous approach towards traditional family photography with a series of daring images entitled “Domestic Bliss.”

Copich spent years taking pictures of her family, but when she reached her mid-forties, she realized that she was missing from almost every photo. That’s when she decided to take things into her own hands, creating photos that would reflect all of her feelings – even the ambiguous or negative ones.

“If you’ve met me, I have a very seemingly sunny disposition, but I have a whole interior world where at different times He’s felt depression and angst. For many years, I put it in a little ball, and I decided to just explore it this time. It’s been so fun to bring those feelings out and give them light,” she says. Each image has what Susan calls a ‘twist of darkness’ that challenges the ordinary perception of family happiness.

1. Witching Hour

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2. Toy

3. Sugar Rush

4. Baggage

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5. Mommy Time

6. Bath Time

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7. Spare the Rod

8. Old Habits

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9. Let Go

10. Anger Management

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11. Spilt Milk

12. Happy Days

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