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Look How Landscape Photographer Parents Work

Landscape photography can be especially tough, given all the photo equipment you have to drag out there with you. Australia-based photographers Dylan Toh and Marianne Lim know the work it takes to shoot amazing landscape photography, but they turn things up a notch by taking their kids out to the great outdoors, too!

The two photographers, who work together as Everlook Photography, carry their children on their backs, applying a wide range of ingenious parenting strategies to make sure that both their children and cameras are happy.

1. “If you plan on doing shoots with a child on your back, you absolutely need to find a carrier that is comfortable for both child and parent”

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2. “Get yourself used to Twister game-style gymnastics with a weight on your back—safely, of course”

3. “Marianne and I are lucky that we both share the same passion for photography”

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4. “While one of us is shooting, the other is caring for Charlotte”

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5. “It’s important to plan and fit in any photo shoot that coincide with your child at their happiest!.. after a nap and after a good feed”

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6. “With a young child, we have come to accept that we cannot visit as many places as we used to.”

7. “We’ve accepted that we cannot always be there for the light, and we cannot drop everything at the hint of great shooting conditions.”

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8. “We also believe that it is important to bring our baby along on these journeys, rather than leave her at home with relatives.”

9. “Though pure photography is compromised, this way we achieve what is more important to us: giving Charlotte an amazing life experience away from home”

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