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Visa issues if a foreigner marries to a Chinese national...

Hi there, please help me with this question.. If a foreigner marries to a Chinese national, then does the foreigner get a China green card (Chinese permanent residency)? or is there such a thing?
If not, what kind of visa does the foreigner get? and for how long can the foreigner stay in China on this visa?

Thank you!

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it varies a lot depending on the nationality of the "foreigner"

u could join relevant forum

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First you will get a 30 day tourist visa, you can renew it 2 time only for a total 90 day stay. If you plan to marry do it quickly because you will need to get a medical for a longer stay, after a medical they will give you 6 month visa, after the 6 month they'll give you 2 years at a time. You can apply for residency after 5 years, please note that you can not work legally in China on a spousal visa.
Do you plan on taking your Chinese wife to your country to live? If yes there's a lot you should know, if you need more help just ask.

idorun Post time 2014-11-30 21:18:51

depending on what country your Passport is ? You can get a tourist visa for 3 months if the wife's Passport is Chinese she can stay 6-9 months and renew anytime . the Chinese government doesn't want non Chinese people taking a job in China. unless you are invited for a job by a Chinese company , you can only stay three months , but this can be extended if Family of the wife is involved , illness etc.

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you can apply for a spouse visa ( L visa). gives you a 1 - 2 year visa. but you cannot work on it.
i dont know how long you need to be married for to get this.

you can apply for a 5 year residency permit, but only after having been married and living in china for more than 5 years.
green cards are exceptionally difficult to get and are only really given out like an award to those who have contributed a lot of china.

medical they will give you 6 month visa
medicals are not needed. not in henan anyway. and you will get a year visa.

i'm applying for a spouse visa at the moment, so know what the requirements are. my friend is married to the head of the foreign visa department.

perhaps each province has different requirements

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Spousal visa in China is a hell .
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