Laine Post time 2014-11-8 15:01:42

Does Anyone Get Run Over?

After just 5 weeks here in a town with no other "westerners" I have got the hang of most things What I cannot get my head around is crossing the roads. Cars, tuk-tuks, cycles, motor-scooters, silent scooters all weaving all over the road. They go where they want. they come out of nowhere and toot for Britain. Which all has me on edge, jumping out of my skin and terrified to cross a road. Ironically, I choose to cross a road at a zebra crossing but these are for show only. No vehicle of any description ever stops, let alone slows down when approaching these things.
I have learnt to look left first, then right, and then left and right and infinitum.
When it seems that the way is possibly clear I venture across as quickly as I can and then - some little bleeder always comes out of nowhere doing about 90 kph and I'm panicking, scuttling and thinking, "where the heck did he come from?". And is is all too obvious he has no intention of slowing down and it's either "sprint" or "freeze" mid-road.
I am a nervous wreck each time I am confronted with having to cross a road and it is starting to severely impact on my confidence to get out and about more.
I do realise that contributors to this forum have no control over the traffic. But any helpful hints or supportive comments would be very welcome.

parcher Post time 2014-11-8 15:08:10

Stand directly behind a Chinese person within inches of them, and just follow them. It works all the time for me...

Laine Post time 2014-11-8 15:13:00

That is a very good piece of advice parcher, thank you for that. However, it also means that I place my life in the hands of another and that is contrary to my philosophy. Worth a shot though should push come to shove ...LOL

parcher Post time 2014-11-8 15:29:51

Laine Post time: 2014-11-8 15:13 static/image/common/back.gif
That is a very good piece of advice parcher, thank you for that. However, it also means that I place ...

Don't worry...
they will make any speeding car to stop if needed...
I am still alive today..

Laine Post time 2014-11-8 15:43:33

I am so glad you are still alive. How many years have you crossed roads and escaped the traffic here?
I am not in one of the major cities where traffic is possibly a bit slower due to there being considerably more of it. In my town they go at the speed of light, and cross over the middle line all the time.
A 5 minute taxi ride has me with eyes closed!

Dacarys Post time 2014-11-8 16:19:27

goodness -   :L

Laine Post time 2014-11-8 16:23:57

My oath!
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