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Wedding of a Blind Couple

They are a blind couple. Tan Fulin, a 36-year-old man with amblyopia, can only see something with his right eye. Guo Xiaoning, 37, is totally blind and she never sees his appearance.

They got married in Match 2014. It was a simple wedding in a yard of the countryside. Dressing in their best clothes, they invited many friends and relatives to celebrate this ceremony.

Tan feels guilty for his frugal wife. He promises to make a wonderful wedding ceremony when he is rich in future. He no longer feels alone together with her wife, who is a considerate, warm and nice woman, and always patiently listens to his stories.

Guo always touches her husband's round face. Even though she never sees his appearance, she has the man in heart.

Working in a massage parlor, this blind couple doesn't earn too much money. They can save 1000 yuan every month, hoping to open a massage parlor and buy a house of their own in Xi'an.

This plain man wants to take care of his wife with hard work. The couple believes that their ideal life will be realized one day. Even though there is still a long to go, they will work together!

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Here is a group of photos showing their hard but happy life. Let's give them our best wishes...

The blind couple: Tan Fulin and Guo Xiaoning

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