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A foreigner looking for making friends

Looking for a girl as a friend of 19years to 24years , I am in china studying i still have four more years here.
I am physically very active, likes music and sports in general. I can speak, English, French, Creole and Mandarin.
I have been living in china for one year now, i am already use to Guangzhou life style and have been to various places.

Looking forward to meet a nice girl i can chat with.

My wechat Morison22
QQ 1500791255
some of my pictures

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其實我喜歡瑪莎 Post time 2014-10-10 11:01:17


messi30 Post time 2014-10-10 11:08:50

Good luck

Sadly many Chinese (men and women) are Western oriented

You can notice it for the two first replies.

Probably they think all foreigners are white, anyway, good luck

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