1500791255 Post time 2014-10-4 22:01:50

pretty chinese girl

Wanting to meet a pretty chinese girl, who can speak in english and age 19years-24years...

tong1212 Post time 2014-10-4 22:39:03

it's wanting……hahaha  ╮(╯ε╰)╭   

artdio Post time 2014-10-6 08:01:57

In your other post you wrote you speak French, English, Madarine and an other, so why does she need to speak English when you can teach her? :lol

VALARMORGHULIS Post time 2014-10-8 18:54:09

keep waiting

1584austin Post time 2014-10-8 21:43:54

How old are you 62?

1584austin Post time 2014-10-8 21:44:48

Because you ain't the only one {:1_1:}

VALARMORGHULIS Post time 2014-10-9 12:06:39

1584austin Post time: 2014-10-8 21:44 static/image/common/back.gif
Because you ain't the only one

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