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A total shock for Chinese, homosexual criminal.

Mr. Xiang who was a silver medal winner of a model competition nowadays was found dead in a hotel. And the crimial was a translator of Japanese who is 43 years old called Du bowen. The criminal is from Taiwan and he made a trap to ask Mr.Xiang to come to here to talk about business. When they drinking beer, Du put a lot of hypnotics pill into Mr. Xiang's glass cup and raped him.
Unfortunately Mr.Xiang was dead because of too much hypnotics eating. And that was not the first time that crazy criminal did that. Actually he did that more that 10 times.
According to that. It is a shock to Chinese ,and I know there are a lot of population in China are homosexual but still for many people they are still like a myth and a legend. How do you think about it . How do you think of this relationship between two same sex individuals.

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