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In this process of reading ur story,what the letter constantly appeared in my brain is "negative"may ...

You seem to have revived a post from a fake poster, that is 2.5 years old.

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You seem to have revived a post from a fake poster, that is 2.5 years old.

...yeah!but it appears in the first page,so I...

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...yeah!but it appears in the first page,so I...

That doesn't mean anything

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HI GUY , thanks for share us your story , there is a bit of mild melancholy in your article which I do like . and , I want to say , I am a pure chinese , I have a happy family , I have a successful career ,yes I am happy ,so I suppose  mayby it were no too offensive if I would be allowed to give you some suggestion .
  firstly ,pls don't blame you mother again, as you own , we couldn't choose our fate . couldn't choose our blood , our family ,even  the circumstance which could bring us to the destiny whether we love or hate . so why don't we put the thing behind us ?
I know your pain point , birds of a feather flock together . It's always difficult to a mixed blood to find the place where he is belong to . but , have you really thought  about is it  as important as you deem that be accepted by others ? No! it isn't . we all live independently .
and you concern it , because you are still young ! and belive me ,if you live to be   my age , you will ignore any thing no direct relation with you . It's no skin off your nose .
and you will be a careless ,indifferent , stone heart ,but control you life by your  own . no one bother you ,no one can mislead you ,everythin is meaningless but you family . you just care about the  folks you love . and till that day , I belive you will be relief .

callmekitten Post time 2017-11-7 16:57:07

You were not accepted by those white girls just because they realized you are stupid instead of you are being half Chinese ,some Chinese guys married white girls ,some white guys married Chinese girls ,and they are happy,they are not becoming crazy physcos ..............if you are the miserable one ,then you should try to find out why ,but i do seriously think you need professional help ,or you might will become a hatrate of society .
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