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If you are half Chinese and half White then you will...

Please do not use that tired old race card and cry I am a victim of whatever. It is a trap holding you back. All of at sometime in our ancestors histories were minorites. I am Irish and we sure we're dumped on when we first came to the US, they took and moved on. Whites in the Us are now becoming a minority, maybe I should cry about that, play my own race card but I won't. I will stand on my own two feet and do it on my own, I do not need a mommy state to hold my hand and make it better.

youknowhat Post time 2014-10-9 00:18:40

i'm not even a mudd & still get no respect like rodney dangerfield used to say  :o:Q:L

其實我喜歡瑪莎 Post time 2014-10-9 11:03:35

Cheer Up man, you got your wife so you got a brand new life.
All you need to do is move on.
Girls want men who is rich handsome or something whatever else to be a boyfriend, but to be a husband, girl loves you not beacaue who you R or what do you look like.
You R unique and irreplaceable.
Everything is gonna be OK.:hug::hug:

MixedGuy12 Post time 2014-10-12 19:48:52

Thank you for the kind replies. I love China very much and I think that China might have saved my life. I still live in between worlds though, and I feel I can never understand either side.

I have seen the ugliness of western and eastern worlds, and the beauty of them too. I just hope that when people do make romantic decisions they think with their heads first and consider the ultimate cost to the children. To be honest, my mother destroyed my father. He's living alone, caring for my mentally ill brother, and he still thinks she was an angel. I am pretty suspicious of her intentions for pursuing a white guy so hard. Oh well.

messi30 Post time 2014-10-13 04:24:44

MixedGuy12 Post time: 2014-10-12 19:48 static/image/common/back.gif
Thank you for the kind replies. I love China very much and I think that China might have saved my li ...

Let me congratulate you because you are an excellent writer but


Your point as the OP in this made up story is

- To discourage Chinese youngsters to marry a foreigner.
- To discredit foreign culture in all senses.
- To victimize yourself from foreign culture.
- To make people (Chinese especially) to hate the USA

Just starting the thread you shows how ¨confused¨ you are.

¨Many of you on here think that mixing races is a great idea¨.

Nobody in its right senses will think like that, unless the person is very immature, very low educated. from low class society or very superficial person.
I found some of this narrow thinkers in China, in some other undeveloped Asian countries and rarely in Latin countries but exists.

When you say

¨my uncle told me that she had just given up on life because my father was too "beta" and too poor...¨
- Tipycal Chinese materialistic.
¨being a devout Christian he thought that his Chinese woman was a great alternative to a white woman, who he thought were all sluts¨
- Typical troll who spread lies against religions.

¨I grew up as a "white boy," but I deep down knew I was not. This was a source of confusion for me as I would be seen as a white boy walking around with my Chinese family¨.
- And what was the real problem?  

¨I denied my Chinese heritage and just said I was Russian.
- Nobody in its sane judgement do that unless the person has the brain damaged

¨However several girls that I liked turned me down once they found out that I was Chinese and this devastated me; even Asian girls did this¨
- In USA people are open minded, very simple and more understandable and for your made up story you picked up New York in wrongly way, that city is one of the biggest cities in the world with a high multi culture population
If girls from your own kind rejected you, it was due your lack of manliness.

I would like to keep quoting you but its not worthy, its a waste of time. Definetely the story is invented.

Your biggest mistake was to pick up New York for your made up story, even just mentioning USA you lose, same as your story. All people from different places are well accepted and suppoted by the US government. So your story is a big lie.

The other option could be the story has some true points but the problem could be you, I see you in your story, stupid, dumb, weak, insane, lack of self confidence and being like that you don´t have space in modern society. Visit a profesional for help, you really need it.

But as this its a made up story, don´t worry, you just are doing the bashing job, not so well, not smart but insane and ridiculous as your friend´s threads.

Mixing races are exotics, attracted, interesting and well accepted in any society, especially in USA, the West and in many countries.

Probably you are damn ugly guy. ;P

Nice try my friend but again, this thread is a made up story, its a total fiasco.

Your username say it all.  :lol

lebeast Post time 2014-10-13 15:41:18

I haven't read any of the comments yet, but firstly, it's nice to hear from a mixed race person. It's interesting, but really, there's more to your identity disturbance, imo, than your racial meld. Frankly, not many people call their wives "very swell", unless thawed from a 1950s cryogenic vat.

Also, no gorgeous 46,XY configuration is a virgin at 22. Your balls would be like aching bitter melons.

Gorgeous males are peeling cougars and PE teachers off like wallpaper at 13-14 yo.

A root is all but guaranteed.

You talk of killing yourself and that is the untold story. You do impress as a product of liberal education and in time you will likely see it.

Dude, so you know, I grew up with many smart mixed race people and ALL the Chinese-White combo deals were very successful.

Some were obviously more Chinese looking, but had no trouble finding a top notch root/wife.

Maybe you are depressed?...

MixedGuy12 Post time 2014-10-13 19:16:27

Lol, okay, Messi, I am a troll (probably a Chinese nengming) with spot on English and knowledge of minute and obscure English idioms and phrases that indicate an intimate knowledge of the language as my first and only spoken tongue.

I graduated from Columbia Phi Beta Kappa, was raised in Manhattan, and and 6'1".

Why are you so angry? Seems to be a lot of bitterness in the way you write. What's the problem?

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