kenfig Post time 2014-10-6 07:10:17

When your with friends,or loved ones there is no color.i am white,but not white enough for the neiborhood I lived in as a child.I grew up fighting every day with the other kids,as we got older I realized that I might have over reacted.I think you could shave your head and dress in pink clothes and90% ot the people would not notice.People are concerned more about there appearance than yours.If you walk proudly through life you will get respect.Now that I am an old man I worry about nothing because people act like I m not even there

magnetic1974 Post time 2014-10-6 07:38:35

kenfig Post time 2014-10-6 08:02:06

The picture is my Chinese friends son.His name is Damon and he's one handsome boy.Im the ugly guy behind him.My mother was Syrian and my father Potuguese and I was brought up in a lower class Irish neighbor hood.

symondsez Post time 2014-10-8 10:42:19

You think too much and in process making your life complex.

Think about good things and privileges you HAVE due to your father and mother instead of thinking about HAVE-Not. Accept that world is not an ideal place and we all need to fight and survive.

VALARMORGHULIS Post time 2014-10-8 18:52:17

Turn your loneliness into your power.

RKSmith Post time 2014-10-8 22:54:35

The good thing about being an American is that you can be whatever, whoever you want - and whatever you decide to be is cool. Everybody there is mixed up racially anyway. Just about every family is mixed and colorful. And as long as you have confidence in what you are, you will be accepted.

Go back to the states. Get some therapy. Start over. You can overcome this and be happy.

incarnationabc Post time 2014-10-8 23:36:43

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Those posters said you are not confident... because they are not in your shoes. They are too judgemental.

They try to use their own assumption and cheap sympathy to judge you and label you, but I know that makes you feel worse.

You're okay. I mean your feelings or sentiment are very normal as Obama went through when he was young. He was not recognized by either white or black. And you now have very similiar situation. Both of you lost your own identities you have been trying to find... The culprit is race discrimination...

There are too many goody two shoes in our lives, and they cannot wait to dish out their preach, advice without real understanding... I hate them.

I don't know how to comfort you...Probably you just want us to lend an ear to you...I think we cannot change the reality, but have to learn to  how to adapt ourselves to it.  I wish you were all the best.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going

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